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Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (a.k.a. Concealed Carry Course)

Upon completion of this 8 hour course you will be eligible to apply for a permit allowing you to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Oklahoma and all other reciprocal states within the United States.  This one day class is designed to familiarize you with the laws and procedures required to obtain a Concealed Weapon Permit through the great State of Oklahoma.  Successful completion of this course is achieved when the participant has done all practical tasks and exercises to the satisfaction of the instructor(s) and has scored a minimum of 70% on a multiple choice exam.

The exam is based on the following performance objectives:

  •   Understand the concept of being in "imminent danger"
  •   Identify the meaning of the phrase "deadly force"
  •   Explain the circumstances under which you can carry or transport a firearm
  •   Discuss prohibited acts while in possession of a firearm
  •   Display safety with your handgun during the classroom instruction, dry firing exercises and courses of fire.  

Each student will be required to fire 2 courses of fire resulting in a total of 50 rounds throughout the duration of the course.  Furthermore, in this course you will learn about several aspects related to firearms including but not limited to:

  • Firearm safety
  • Fundamentals of handgun shooting
  • Proper body positioning for firing a handgun
  • The safe and proper way to present a weapon to another person
  • Correct Loading and Unloading procedures
  • How to properly clear malfunctions
  • The dynamics of ammunition and firing a handgun
  • The provisions of Oklahoma laws relating to self-defense
  • The provisions of the Oklahoma Self Defense Act

Required equipment:

  • Notebook and paper
  • A handgun (.45 caliber or smaller)
  • Eye protection (sunglasses are fine)
  • Ear protection (available to you from us free of charge)
  • A baseball type cap or hat with a brim or bill
  • 100 rounds of factory ammunition for each type of weapon you want to qualify with whether it be a semi-automatic or are revolver.  We're sorry, but the use of reloaded ammunition is not permitted in this course.  We sell ammunition if you'd like us to pick you up some please let us know on your registration form.  We must know in advance in order to be able to accommodate you.   

It is not necessary to have a holster, magazine pouches or any other related equipment.  You will not be required to draw from concealment or draw from a holster.  Due to restrictions set forth by C.L.E.E.T. regulations and the State of Oklahoma, this course is not designed to teach you how to shoot.   We do, however, offer several additional classes specifically designed to do just that.........teach you how to shoot quickly and accurately. 

Concealed Carry Classes by Dewain Reeves. (918) 378-7663. Although Dewain is not an instructor with TDSA he is probably the most knowledgeable instructor in the state when it comes to the concealed carry class. He has been teaching the SDA course since 1995. Dewain teaches all of his classes In Collinsville, OK. He has a super nice classroom and his own shooting range. If you are interested in signing up for a concealed carry class simply call Dewain and he'll reserve you a spot in his next class. He teaches nearly every Saturday and Sunday. Visit his web site here: http://www.oklahomaconcealedcarryinc.com 

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

- Albert Einstein -

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