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We'd love to get your feedback on TDSA Tulsa classes you've attended, as well as any other TDSA Tulsa experience you'd like to relate.  Even if you'd just like to say hello, please click on the link below, fill out the form, and your comment will be added to our Testimonial page. [Add your testimonial]

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Just spent this last weekend taking the ACP II class with Marshall and Billy. It was a full two days of drills, weapon manipulation, shooting from various positions, shooting on the move, strong side and support side one handed shooting, draws and malfunction clearances one handed, close quarter shooting, cover and concealment instruction with live fire drills, shooting from, through and around a vehicle. All of the above demonstrated by either Marshall or Billy before we did it and most importantly done SAFELY.

I highly recommend this class after ACP I.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I've only been shooting for a year now, but I feel like I've improved my skills 200% with this training. Combat Pistol Level 2 was great for me as a novice. I am going to go back to take level 1 in the Fall/19 (i know it was backwards, but extremely helpful nonetheless)
Reason I am going to go back is because it is super safe, these guys are professionals, not a bunch of kids They will stretch your boundaries, but only as long as everyone else around is safe
It is intense and a lot of fun!
I plan on taking level 1 Rifle and Level 1 shotgun training whenever they are available
Richard Heusted

Monday, June 17, 2019

Spent this last weekend doing APII. Was a stellar class as usual. No egos here. Very relaxed and a wealth of knowledge bestowed upon students. If you want to be pushed, you need to take AP1 and 2. You can never shoot too much. If you’re in law enforcement, I highly recommend you come. Challenge yourself to be better so that 1 time you may need to change someones channel, the confidence will be there to do so.
Nellie Yates

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend 2 days—16 packed hours—with The Defensive Shooting Academy’s (TDSA) professional trainers, working on mastering the basics—improving my combat mindset, shooting, and weapon manipulation skills. Specifically, the invaluable assets of kinesthetic alignment, speed, and accuracy.

IGrowing up my dad taught me gun safety, and as a family we spent several summer nights shooting pop cans and shotgun shell targets set up randomly along the fence-line in the country. So while I am not unfamiliar with using a pistol—the older I get, and as I watch the world changing, I feel more and more vulnerable even having to run to the store in broad daylight or to the car wash. If you watch the news you know exactly what I mean. While I’m not uncomfortable with guns, I want to be confident in the weapon I carry. I want to be familiar with it, and know my own pistol, so if I’m ever in a situation that requires it, I don’t come in second.

Marshall shared this valuable truth with us: “Victory is predicated on MASTERY of the BASICS and the ability to perform them subconsciously!” That sentence means more to me after this class, than it ever would have before, and I 1000% believe it.

A week after taking this class, I’m still saying prayers of thanks to God giving me the opportunity to train with TDSA. Their instruction, and instructors, are class-act professionals—who by the way—never missed a beat with safety in 16 hours on the range with our group.

These instructors carefully watched, listened, studied, analyzed, tweaked, and helped every single person in the class improve their shooting skills beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. The material they presented to us, was lifesaving.

We had an amazing two days of intense training, and good laughs...these guys have found a good balance in their presentation to keep you constantly engaged and aware of the importance of the material they were teaching, and having the time of your life all at once. I walked in a stranger, but I left feeling part of a team, and family.

I improved my accuracy over 58%?(Marshall May have to clarify that I cannot remember the percentage exactly)—learned the extreme importance of trigger control (take the slack out! Find the wall!) and kinesthetic alignment, and also how to laugh until I cried when everyone in unison shouted THAT SUCKED! when Marshall told the group my pre-test scores 🤣🤣🤣 good times!! Seriously. These are my people. They’re you’re people.

For the safety of you and your family, please consider taking this TDSA class (Advanced Combat Pistol 1). The world needs more warriors that have mastered the basics. Check out the classes they have on their website www.tdsatulsa.com and make it happen.

Thank you TDSA: Marshall, Billy, and Kai, for all you’re doing with your program. I wish your class was a requirement for any and all gun owners, especially conceal carry. It’s life-changing and life-saving. I can’t wait to see you guys again soon!!!
Reagan Nielsen

Thursday, May 2, 2019

One decision, one moment, one shot. That is all it takes to change your life. Adrenaline flowing, you are not breathing, and the time has come to save yourself, your wife, or your child. Many will freeze for an instant lifetime, but will you? Did you buy the gun, and the fancy holster, and the magic bullets that you expect to perform the act of stopping this threat on their own? Or, did you acknowledge your own limitations, check your ego, and listen to Marshall Luton, one of the wisest, most humble instructors I have ever met. But he is not alone, joining him this crisp April weekend were Kai Mitchell and Billy Smith two men with over 30 years of knowledge and a single purpose, “TO HELP YOU GO HOME AFTER THE GUN HAS GONE OFF.” Their calm demeaner, insightful attention to the detail, and joyful attitude make this the most informative, and effective 101 class on shooting I have ever experienced. TAKE THIS CLASS, you will be changed for the better.
Marshall Luton is passionate about a lot of things, but he is reverent to the sound of “pew”.

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