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Trenton Powell

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

I just had the privilege of taking the Combat Carbine course. This course should be put into national legislation for anyone who buys a carbine. I was absolutely blown away by the amount of information we received and drills we got to do. Instructors Billy Smith and Marshall Luton work with students individually to help them work out all the bugs in manipulating the rifle. I personally loved the wounded shooter drills that we did. With one arm you learn how to load, charge, and shoot your rifle. Then you learn how to clear stoppages with one hand. There are timed challenges at the end of the class that are so much fun. The support side shooting was also eye opening, literally. I will definitely be taking this class again to improve my scores. Thank you guys for putting on these classes. This is the type of top level instruction every American gun owner needs including police and military. Iím amazed that Instructor Smith who trains Navy SEALS Army Rangers and other special forces units is even available to give civilians this kind of training.
Sean Fry

Monday, May 9, 2022

Marshall was absolutely spot on. I walked in thinking this would be just another class, I already knew how to handle a handgun. Boy, was I wrong!

He broke us down to parade rest staring at grip, stance, sight alignment...the whole thing.

He did it in a very fun way while maintaining absolute professionalism AND while maintaining strict safety.

I highly recommend Marshall and TDSA for any shooting classes, and I look forward to progressing into his more advanced classes as well!

Todd Lang

Monday, May 9, 2022

Wow, I thought i knew a lot...little did i know.
Thank you Marshall for sharing your lifetime accumulation of handgun skills with us. It was one of the best classroom days of my life. A.L.M.E. - T. Lang

And a special thanks to Maggie for the great pics!
Jacob Holt

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Iím just 18 years old but Iíve taken 3 classes and I have to say they have made me better in ways I never thought possible. Marshall is an incredible teacher and knows exactly how to reach out to people and teach them how they need to be taught. Very friendly people and an incredible environment, which is perfect for the detailed training and true learning. If you think you know all there is to know, I promise you donít. These classes really are for the professional to train, as everyone learns something when they are there. If you are debating on if it is worth it, I promise you it is, for any experience level. Make yourself better and help the people who love to teach it. Take any class and I promise you wonít regret it.
David W Robinson

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Marshall Luton is a life long friend. His passion and love of teaching is and has always been beyond exceptional. And the skillset, wisdom, and knowledge he has acquired over 30 plus years is pretty mindblowing. TDSA under Marshalls instruction, was truly an amazing experience. It was totally a "Blast". Whether you are just getting started or have years of experience, you will definitely come away with whole new perspective on firearms. You'll probably laugh, have allot of fun, and learn a few things as well....guaranteed!

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