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Ben Colvin

Monday, May 8, 2017

I just completed the acp1 course at TDSA. Marshall and his team impressed me with their ability to train novices like myself all the way up to champion shooters. They were coaching every second of the class. This is a fast paced course and includes a tremendous amount of critical information. These guys do not let you settle for mediocrity. I definitely plan on getting as much training as I can in the future with TDSA.
John Belie

Friday, May 5, 2017

I recently attended the precision / scoped rifle class with TDSA Tulsa. This is my third class with them and these guys are AWESOME. Attendees included what I would consider experts at distance shooting all the way down to my capabilities as an extreme novice. Garrett & Jeremy were great instructors across the entire spectrum of students.

I have had my rifle for three years and have enjoyed shooting paper targets. Accuracy from a bench was passable. But only from a bench. With the two days in this class I now know things about my rifle and optic that I never knew and would never have known no matter how many days, weeks, years on the range. Do you know what everything in your reticle means and how to use it? What to do with your off hand when shooting from different positions? How to follow through? How to adjust your optic for zero? Impact vs crosshairs as it relates to short and long range distances? Developing a DOPE for your rifle? I do now and that is just scratching the surface of the material in this class.

During the class I am shooting prone and Jeremy jumps down prone beside me and gives me one on one instruction that stabilized my rifle and tightened my groups. These aren’t the instructors that sit back and watch and bark commands. They get involved.

All three of the classes have been like this. Great instruction at a great value. I will be back for more.

One additional item to note (and I probably should have made this the very first point in my review) is safety. In all three classes there were between approximately 12 to 16 students. That is a lot of weapons and a lot of individuals. NEVER have I seen such attention to safety on a range as I have with the TDSA classes. These guys are great at range safety. Just this week an instructor at a range in Michigan shot a student. I understand accidents can happen but proper precaution and supervision reduce the risk of an accident and these guys take all the precautions and are very attentive to students and their firearm handling. I can tell you an “accident” like this won’t happen at a TDSA class.

Great job guys!
Bryan Houck

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I completed the scoped rifle precision class with TDSA Tulsa. I have taken many classes with Marshall over the years, and I have to say this is one of my favorites. Garrett & Jeremy were awesome instructors. I've been in law enforcement for alomost twenty-four years and have been to two academies, and am a Federal law enforcement firearms instructor myself. This is hands down some of the best training I have taken. If you are tired of sitting at a bench and shooting paper targets with your scoped rifle, this class is a must. Garrett & Jeremey kept my attention and the things I learned were beyond anything I have learned in twenty-four years. Any of TDSA Tulsa classes will improve your shooting ability but this class is in a different areana. You will learn about equipment, ballistics, reticles, doping your rifle platform, shooting positions, and what works for you. I also teach the Oklahoma "Joke" called the "SDA". I recommend TDSA to all of the students I have in my classes! If you want to learn how to save your life witha weapons system go to TDSA. I 've trained with some of the so called "best" instructors, some of them have their own T.V. shows. They don't hold a candle to these guys, go see them, take a class you will see what I'm talking about.
Mark McDonnell

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I recently attended Practical Precision/Scoped Rifle 1. This class was awesome. I put my rifle together a few years ago. Up to now my range sessions consisted of sitting at a bench shooting tiny groups on paper at 100 yards. This class pushed right out of that comfort zone. This class had me shooting from different positions. Off came the bipod. Shooting off a pack, barricades, unsupported, etc. Multiple targets at varying ranges for speed. I really learned how to work my rifle. This class has completely changed how my future range sessions will be conducted. I really look forward to the second class and really stretching my skills and equipment to the max.
Steve Marx

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I recently attended Practical Precision/Scoped Rifle Level 1! I have to say Jeremy & Garrett CAN teach an old dog new tricks! This class clarified some mysteries in my head regarding MILS vs. M.O.A. and gave me some things to work on such as math, documenting my dope at the range and getting into and out of some very strange, yet effective, shooting positions. I would encourage other shooters who want to understand and improve their rifle skills using optics to take this class. It was safe, fun and very informative. Thanks guys!

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