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John Hudson

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This past weekend I took Advanced Pistol Combat Level 2. This is my 8th class to take with TDSA, and my 2nd time to take this class. I cannot give enough praise for how awesome this class is, and Marshall and Jeremy for doing an outstanding job teaching this class. This class is APC1 on wheels and how to survive a gun fight.

Just a few of the things we worked on; How to properly utilize cover and concealment, how to clear all types of malfunctions quickly and efficiently. How to clear them with only your non-dominate hand if your dominate arm gets hit. How are you going to reload your gun or clear a malfunction with only your left hand? We worked in and out of a vehicle and how to efficiently get out of your seatbelt and whether or not you should exit the vehicle to engage threats. We learned what parts of the vehicle will stop bullets and what parts will not. We worked on different shooting positions from standing, squatting, kneeling, different types of prone, urban prone, on your back etc.

This class will take your shooting skills to the next level and give you plenty of things to take home and practice as well. It will make you think outside the box to win a gunfight. It will prepare you for the worst case scenarios. Oh I forgot to mention this class is a freakin blast! It will wear you out, but this is something you will look back on for the rest of your life and happy you took!
Mark McDonnell

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Last weekend I attended the Practical Precision Rifle Course 2 taught by Jeremy and Garrett. It was an awesome course to say the least. I was able to get consistent and accurate hits out to 1000 yards. More than twice as far as I have ever shot. The instruction and coaching was invaluable. Plus it was an extremely fun atmosphere. No pressure. No time limits. The instructors were very patient with anyone that needed extra guidance. I do not have a fancy rifle with a high dollar scope but was taught to push my equipment out to it's limits. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to push themselves to another level. Thank you to Jeremy, Garrett and Chris and to John for hosting the class on his family's ranch.
Leroy Meyers

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ive taken the precision rifle course with TDSA and Jeremy and Garrett are great instructors and full of knowledge. Thanks to the Hughes Ranch for allowing us to use there great facilities.
Bryan Houck

Thursday, September 14, 2017

This last weekend I took the precision long range shooting course with TDSA for the second time and i have to say "Holy Shit Wow". Garrett & Jeremy are top notch instructors as well as top notch men in general. in addition to the fact that I am so happy these two guys are on our side! I have been in Law Enforcement for 24 years now and have seen many many so called instructors in my day, these guys are miles above the rest. These guys know their stuff when it comes to long range shooting. Both of them could go up and down the line and pick up any rifle and hit what they are shooting at, as well as teach each individual how to hit with their weapon system. We had at least 9 differant rifles out there and they knew each one!! There wasn't anything these guys couldn't do with a rifle on top of having and knowing all the gear to get you on target. I haven't even talked about the range yet ! If your idea of heaven is wide open space as far as you can see try 12,000 acres af pure bliss. Our goal for that day was to reach out to 800 yards! Well we all made it to a 1000 yards, it is pretty freaking awesome to shoot at something in a differant zip code!! I can mark that one off my bucket list now. If you want to learn about long range shooting go to TDSA and see these guys, they will not let you down. Again go see TDSA for any shooting instruction, my hat is off to you guys!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I train regularly in pistol, carbine, and precision rifle. I had the opportunity to be exposed to Marshall and his top tier cadre of instructors during a Sheepdog Response course. I was amazed with Marshall's ability to teach fundamentals, and his techniques drastically improved my pistol marksmanship. He is an exceptional instructor. I highly recommend trying a TDSA course regardless of your skill level or experience. You will walk away better trained and equipped to handle a potentially lethal encounter.

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