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Joshawa Heaslet

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I've been a Police Officer for 5 years and a K9 handler for the last 2. I have been through firearms training with great instructors who have taken the courses with Marshall. Still the instructors at TDSA were able to fix issues I was having for five years in two days. This is the most informative and all encompassing basic pistol course I've ever been to. The instructors are very experienced not only in shooting but how to teach. This is also one of the most enjoyable courses I've taken. Do yourself a favor and make it to TDSA. You will not regret it. I've never met anyone who has had even one bad thing to say about this training. Be safe!
Richard Heusted

Monday, May 7, 2018

I would highly encourage anyone looking to really get some straight forward, fundamental training to take this class. I would consider myself to be a fairly good shooter and with the astute tutelage of the instructors, was able to fine tune my mistakes and now recognize why and how those are being made and how to fix them.

Training is an all the time thing, You have to continually push yourself to get better and they are going to push you there. This is a relaxed class where the instructors bring an immense amount of humility to it and never make anyone feel like they shouldn't be there or can't complete the tasks at hand. This class came very recommended from other officers at my department and I saw why now. If you have the ability to come, you need to make and effort to come to this class.
Thank you Marshall, Lance and Jeremy for a great weekend and I'll see you soon again. BIg Heusted

Friday, May 4, 2018

I just finish the AP1 class for the? Time. Every time i have attended I have cone away with something to work to improve my speed and accuracy.
This is IMHO the best tier one training you can obtain. I would not continue to attend and introduce shooters to this training if I didnít think so. I have attended class from conn toFlorida from Oregon to Az. You will not receive better training than the crew from TDSA
Absolute mastery of the basic will assist you more than fancy tactics. This class will help you down that road.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cumulatively, I have taken the Advanced Combat Pistol Level 1 class three separate times. I can tell you that, though the class may be the same format, I learn something new every single time I attend it. Marshall and his team are the pinnacle of what a self-defense school should be. They are the tip of the spear when it comes to teaching - from every-day civilians to the top-tier warriors of our armed forces, they bring something to the table that everyone of every background can benefit from. The training you will receive at TDSA is ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE and it will most definitely save your skin on the absolute worst days of your life - when you must defend yourself, your loved ones, or your country against the wolves that would do you harm. Invest your hard-earned money in exercise before equipment, ability before accessories, and knowledge before next-level gear. You cannot put a price tag on the training offered here because your life is priceless. from a United States Marine, to the crew at the Defensive Shooting Academy of Tulsa, to Marshall, Eric, Jeremy, and all of the other incredible instructors, thank you.

Semper Fidelis

- JT

Sunday, April 29, 2018

I took the one-day handgun skills class. Iím relatively new to handguns and this class gave me the skills needed to start off on the right foot. Marshall covered all the basics and then some! I know now after taking the class that I was doing a lot of things wrong when shooting my pistol. Iím confident that with the skills I learned in this class and additional time at the range, my speed and accuracy will only improve. Thank you Marshall!

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