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David Lee

Thursday, September 23, 2021

I recently attended the ACP1 class with TDSA. This has been my 4th class with them. This is the 2nd time taking ACP1. As always Marshall and his team went above and beyond with the training I received.

I was on the fence about taking the class for a 2nd time. I thought I had learned all I could from taking it the first time. My wife was interested in taking the class, so I decided to go back with her. It was one of the best decisions I've made. Shooting is a perishable skill, and it has been over a year since I have taken ACP1. It was nice to get back to the basics. I didn't realize how sloppy I had gotten on a few things. Marshall and his team were quick to get me back up to speed on everything. I can gladly say I was able to process all the information given to me alot better the 2nd time around. I'm really happy I made the decision to take the class a 2nd time.
John Hill

Thursday, September 23, 2021

After completing ACP Level 1 and Combat Carbine in 2020, I was thoroughly humbled and knew how much room there was for me to improve. Retaking ACP Level 1 at TDSA a second time was an easy decision for me.

Firstly, Marshall and his team are the principal reason I choose TDSA. Their professionalism, strict adherence to all safety protocols, and their commitment to their students is what sets them apart. Marshall has an obvious passion for his students, his team and the professional culture of his organization. You will not find a more caring or fun environment to learn in.

The training at TDSA is highly effective because you not only learn the "what" and the "how", you also learn the "why" behind each skill taught. You begin day one of the course by taking a test to baseline your abilities. Throughout the next two days the class is taught the essentials of handgun shooting in a progressive and logical way. Each new skill developed builds upon the last. Every instructor takes their time to give you the personalized instruction you need as an individual to help you overcome your challenges. I can't say enough about how each instructor helps build your confidence as well as your skills.

It's a good idea to check your ego at the door. Although I have been shooting for nearly 50 years, I soon realized how deficient my skills were. My bad habits had been repeated and reinforced for decades.

At the end of day two you are retested to assess your overall improvement. In my case, I realized a 50% improvement in my results. Not only am I pleased with my progress, but the friendships I made and the fun we had made this weekend a great experience.

I encourage anyone who owns or is issued a handgun to take this course, and retake it again. You will find a level of confidence and competence you didn't know you had...and that may save your life.

A huge thank you to you Marshall, Kai, Brian, Shane, Sam, and Maggie for taking me places I couldn't go without you.

P.S. We missed you Billy!
Michael Acciani

Friday, September 17, 2021

My son and I traveled from Minneapolis to take part in the Advanced Combat Pistol Level 1 class with Marshall and his team. My son took this class last year and he insisted that I come down with him this year to take the class again with him. So I packed up my 45 years of shooting experience and took a road trip down to Owasso Oklahoma, to see what this class had to offer. I never really thought I was an exceptional marksman or anything like that, and I knew there was room for improvement but I never really knew what I needed to do to make those improvements. Let me tell you, if you take the time and spend the weekend taking the ACP Level 1 training curriculum you will come away from this class with a much better understanding on what it takes to make good consistent shots with a pistol. The way that Marshall and his team explain the lessons, and demonstrate proper techniques in holding and handling your firearm with clear and precise instructions, I guarantee you will have many aha moments in this class that will put you well on your way to becoming a much better shooter when youíre finished. I have never had so much fun and learned so much in a classroom environment because Marshall makes this class a joy to be in. I canít even begin to tell you the patients that his entire team has in teaching you the finer points of handling and firing your weapon (These guys have the patience of a saint). At no point during this training did I feel pressure of falling behind and needing to pick up the pace. As a matter of fact, anytime I had a question or needed clarification on something, it was very easy to get one on one training with any of the instructors. These guys knew their stuff and were very happy to share their knowledge with you, and spend time with you, until you get it right. They teach with such calmness and make you feel comfortable with no pressure whatsoever and that makes for an easy and memorable learning experience.
Safety was another factor that made this training so enjoyable. At no time during the entire weekend did I feel unsafe or uncomfortable in anyway, and that makes for a stress free experience. Safety is paramount in Marshallís classes and itís stressed throughout the weekend, and because of that, you can stay focused on what you need to do to improve your skills and not have to look over your shoulder to see what the other guy's doing.
If you donít have fun in this class, you have some issues, because with MarshallĎs passion, enthusiasm, and crazy fun personality and Kaiís continuous joking around (and great knowledge input), you are sure to crack a smile and laugh numerous times during this class.
On a personal note I would like to give a big shout out to Marshall, Kai, Brian, Sam, and Shane, for putting on an absolutely amazing class that had me engaged, made me feel safe, and made me a far better shooter than when I came in, and was so much fun, that I can't wait to get out to the range and practice what you taught me!!!
Also, letís not forget Maggie, for getting us what we needed from stores, and taking some "Really Cool Pictures" during our fun filled weekend. Youíre Awesome Maggie!!! Also, Marshall doesn't charge you for the pictures that were taken all weekend. He uploads the pics and you can pick and choose what you want for FREE!!! I guarantee, you'll get plenty of cool pictures of yourself.
THANK YOU SO MUCH Marshall and Team, for making this probably the greatest class I have ever done, and Iíll most definitely be back for more classes in the very near future. 👍
Michael Nybakken

Friday, September 17, 2021

I recently attended TDSAís Advanced Combat Pistol Level I course and I must say I was duly impressed. I came across the course when I was researching the Cool-Fire Trainer. Eric Fuson, the owner of Cool-Fire, occasionally instructs at TDSA and since he had recently finished 3rd in a national competition, that was a good enough recommendation for me.

I also watched a few videos that TDSA had on YouTube just to get an idea what they were about. I would suggest that they post a few more.

I would classify myself as a slightly above average shooter. I have had the privilege to have trained at quite a few places. Op-Specs/Sig-Sauer, Tactical Performance Center, Front Sight, Defensive Mindset, Federal Training, Modern Samurai plus local training. With this background, I made the 700 mile trek down to Tulsa to train with Marshall and crew.

We started the day with a skills test that measured both speed and accuracy. This allowed the instructors to examine the class for overall skill level, establish a measurable benchmark and to observe anyone that might be a safety hazard. Although I was a touch nervous, I decided to shoot the test at a controlled and relaxed speed and focus on accuracy. I got lucky on the reload in the middle and I was pleased with my performance.

We then started on the curriculum. Trigger control, Sighting, Grip, Reloads, Draws and Transitions. I was surprised that I learned something new in almost every module, or had my previous good training reinforced. While shooting on the line, Kai, one of the instructors was highly observant. He was able to quickly identify training scars that were holding back my performance. Kai gave me insight on what to improve, which was backed up with why I should change and the techniques to change them. I also had quite a few epiphanies that I plan to incorporate into my shooting regime.

After two long days, (9am-7pm) in the heat, we shot the same test as when we started. I was very impressed with the whole class. Everyone got measurably better, some by over 50%. Times went down, accuracy went up. As for me, I improved by approximately 20%. But it could have been so much better. With the techniques I learned at TDSA and some dry fire practice, I truly believe my initial score could improve another 20%.

But perhaps the best shot of the group was Maggie the photographer. I was impressed with the quality and the timing of her pictures. She captured bullets in the air, magazines floating in space and once or twice even caught my good side!

There are a lot of different, excellent places to train and each one has its primary focus of training. I kept asking myself what was so special about TDSA. Itís hard to articulate, but I decided that it was a combination of things: relaxed open atmosphere, an excellent curriculum of proven techniques, confidence-building exercises with time built into each module for self-practice, an excellent cadre of instructors, plus the before and after tests.

In a nutshell, the weekend I spent at TDSA was one of the most enjoyable and profitable weekends of training that I have ever received. I believe both new and seasoned shooters would benefit from training at TDSA.
Bill Gordon

Friday, September 17, 2021

March of 2021 was my first time to take this AP1 class and prior to that I was brand new to shooting a pistol. September 2021 was the second time to take the AP1 class and both times so much information was presented it would be impossible to retain it all. This is a class you could take every year for a decade and it would seem fresh every time. The instructors are first class, masters of their trade. They tell you how to do something, explain the strategy why it is important to do it a specific and certain way. Then they show you how to do it and show you common errors and the problems created by doing it even just slightly different while repeating over and over the safety aspect. Then they let you do it, while keeping a watchful coaching eye so you can practice perfectly to help you retain the technique. They even add the stress of a timer to help simulate the stress of a real life event. It sounds so simple, maybe it is to them, but to me it was mentally exhausting and that is exactly why I signed up for the class. Even though I shot about 1k rounds during the two day class, the real work now is to take the information home to practice, drill and repeat. As a new shooter, they have given me the confidence to be able to use a pistol defensively if necessary to protect those around me should that day ever happen. For that I am extremely grateful.

Thank You, Marshall and Team.

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