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We'd love to get your feedback on TDSA Tulsa classes you've attended, as well as any other TDSA Tulsa experience you'd like to relate.  Even if you'd just like to say hello, please click on the link below, fill out the form, and your comment will be added to our Testimonial page. [Add your testimonial]

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Joe Ahlert

Friday, April 20, 2018

Just got back from a week long road trip to Oklahoma. Man what an amazing trip, for sure one of the best of my life! I had the pleasure to train and learn with some of the best shooting, combative, and combat medical instructors available in the world. The amount of things we learned and did in live situations over three long days from morning until night is too much to even put into words. From armed and unarmed combatives with the Master/inventor of the military combatives program Matt Larsen, to the awesome combat medicine/trauma training from the man Nick Swainston, and of course the highly advanced shooting course from the expert Marshall Luton and Jeremy Snow I canít say enough how amazing this whole weekend was. From shooting, to dropping down to tourniquet someone or tourniquet yourself with one hand under stress and time while instructors are squirting fake blood on the wound to add slipperiness, to shooting and reloading with one hand strong and weak side, to fighting over weapons using live tasers all the skills we learned and practiced in real time was just invaluable. Itís all still sinking in, I will be posting videos as the days come. Just an amazing week with amazing instructors surrounded by an amazing group of guys! Oklahoma was good to me, canít wait to go back! (Minus those damn winds lol 🌪)
Anthony Cinquegrana

Friday, April 20, 2018

What an amazing time I had this past week at The Defensive Shooting Academy in Tulsa.
I had the opportunity to learn and train with some of the best in the business.
From trauma medicine, technique and theory on close quarters combat and weapon retention.
And of course combat pistol techniques with the use of dominant and non-dominant hand as well as low light and no light shooting(which is awesome by the way).
The camaraderie amongst this group of gentleman made us feel like we were family from day one.
I also had the honor of receiving a challenge coin from the man himself Marshall Luton for the progress Iíve made in my skill set over this past year since I started shooting, something Iíll always treasure.
This was by far one of the best experiences Iíve had and I look forward to training and laughing with my new extended family.
Mike Clark

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I was very honored to attend the inaugeral Advanced Combat Pistol Level 3 training this past weekend with TDSA! I started my training with TDSA back in May of 2007 with ACP I and has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for the purpose of defensive shooting skills and improving as a self-protector. Marshall did not disappoint with this classís curriculum and instructors.

If you are a casual shooter or shoot regularly, or if you carry a gun and you have not had any training in Tactical Combat Casualty Care, then you are setting yourself up to be a casualty, a statistic. Nick Swainston shared some invaluable training and skills aimed towards self-preservation, scene safety and the proper steps to take in case of a shooting injury. Our TCCC skills were tested throughout the week while either on the mat or on the range. Nick had no mercy!!!! The citizens of Tulsa are very fortunate to have Nick protecting them as a member of the TFD.

Mr. Matt Larsen flew in from West Point to share his experiences and press upon how defensive shooting skills must be married to combative training. His ability to take a class of 20 folks from all walks of life and varying skill ranges/physical abilities and plant a pretty good foundational awareness of BJJ tools in a matter of a few days was utterly amazing. It was definitely one of the most valuable skill sets I was introduced over the weekend and I believe will be a life changer for myself and enable me to be a better protector of my family. Thank you sir!

For those folks reading this and reside in or around Tulsa, you have a great bjj gym at Triton Fight Center in Broken Arrow. Piet Wilhelm is a true warrior and an invaluable asset to your community. He accepted our group into his gym for the weekend and provided excellent instruction alongside Mr. Matt Larsen. After a few minutes of meeting Mr. Wilhelm you are fully aware of his professionalism and commitment to the tradecraft. Thank you sir for your hospitality and your service to your country!

Jesus teaches that if you do not have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one, Luke 22:36! The Apostles lived in a violent and dangerous time, much as we are in today. Marshall, Jeremy and Billy were impressive as always in the continual honing of my defensive shooting skills and introducing new methods of weapons retention, moving with a gun and as always, hammering on the basics.
justin Turnbow

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

This past weekend I took the AP3 class not really sure if I would meet up to the standards of those around me but I went anyway. I am so glad I did from the very start I felt comfortable and excited about what I was going to get to learn next. From CQB at Triton to treating gun shot wounds to multiple attacker drills at USSA no matter how overwhelmed I became Marshall and his cadre always made it a safe comfortable and learning environment. I could go on and on about the technical stuff but I'm sure others will cover that more eloquently than I. I can say this in the past 2 years I have taken AP1, Precision long range shooting and now AP3 and I cant wait to learn more. Over the years I have suffered through a lot of classes and walked away with a lot of knowledge yet no application on the contrary with TDSA lots of content yet full of application and a willingness I haven't seen from instructors in a very long time for the student to get better. If you are on the fence about taking any class from these guys don't be they are the ultimate professionals in longing for you to be better.
John hudson

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

This past weekend I took Advanced Combat Pistol Level 3 with TDSA! This is my 11th course to take with them over the past 11 years making 209 hours of certified CLEET accredited hours! I can not say enough about this course and how awesome it was! Not only did we receive the best pistol training there is to offer in the country, we received the best hand to hand combat aka CQB and the best combat medical training!

Some people ask me where I learned to shoot so well, and other people ask me why I keep taking classes because surely Iím good enough now. I tell them that shooting is a perishable skill and TDSA keeps me sharp and current on my firearms and combative skills and I can always get better! I would not be the shooter, warrior, Deputy, or instructor I am today without TDSA! Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

This is the first time for TDSA to put on AP3 and Marshall brought in the big guns for this amazing class! Not only did he have his amazing team there including Jermey and Billy some of the best firearms instructors in the country! He brought in Matt Larson from West Point! Larsen has been called the ďfather of modern Army combativesĒ and teaches modern statistical proven CQB techniques to our military! He also brought in Nick Swainston to teach us Tactical Combat Casualty Care! Swainston has had carried off over 200 soldiers from the battlefield and is still current in the Air Force and Tulsa Fire Department!

This 3 day course is absolutely the best and most valuable investment any warrior can make! Again, if you want to have a blast and get the best bang for your buck in becoming an amazing shooter, and also learn to fight in close quarters combat retaining your firearm and winning that fight, and being able to treat wounds quickly and efficiently there is not another course out there that compares!

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