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Tim Kane

Monday, May 30, 2022

ACP I outstanding class, outstanding people, and I was drinking from the fire hose every minute! Highly.. highly recommend DSA. Thank you Marshall and Jeremy.
Tucker Lang

Sunday, May 29, 2022

I thought I was trained in pistol safety and proper shooting techniques until I took this class. I learned more in a single 10 hour day of shooting, than I have in my entire life up until this point. I am so much more confident in my shooting and my weapon handling now after taking this class. From learning how to properly grip the pistol to learning the correct draw technique, this class will make you more confident and proficient with your pistol. I would recommend this class to anyone especially those who carry and want to train to use your weapon. Marshall is an amazing teacher with great skill to teach.
Josh Hood

Thursday, May 26, 2022

I have been training with DSA for a number of years and keep coming back. Iíve taken AP1 twice, Street Survival Tactics, and most recently the Vehicle Counter Ambush course. I was drawn to taking this course because there is a lot of time in our society we spend in and around vehicles, it is not that far off to think it in the realm of probability that individuals are going to need to protect themselves inside of the confines of a vehicle. Knowing that vehicles present a unique challenge with several obstacles that inevitably would cause fumbles and trip ups with the standard mechanics of using a pistol. We were taught how to safely draw a pistol in a vehicle and how to easily maneuver around all of these trip hazards, while simultaneously and efficiently creating ways to escape the bullet magnet of a vehicle.
This class was fast paced, informative, and fun. It was a smaller class size with a very capable and knowledgeable instructor cadre. Billy and Jeremy broke down the why behind the mechanics and what we were doing and made the information relative to each student in the class. We all had various backgrounds, with some dealing on the LE side of the spectrum to concerned civilians that just want to be able to better protect themselves.
I think the most important thing to highlight about this class is how valuable and fun the real world training is, you donít always get to shoot through windshields or windows, or see what happens when a bullet hits the A pillar of a car, but this course gives you that opportunity and ability to have real world data on what happens. Bullets so weird things when they react with glass, so being able to see this first hand helps understand the physics of it somewhat.
Safety was paramount, and with this being a more advanced class with movement and shooting on two different sides of the range simultaneously, everyone had to be on the tip top of their weapons handling, and not once did anyone feel unsafe during our day here.
I would recommend this class to anyone who spends any amount of time in a vehicle and have the confidence to handle any situation the universe throws at you.
Nick Trim

Thursday, May 12, 2022

I attended the combat carbine course with my 17 y/o son. As a current LEO and firearms instructor, I took a lot out of this class. It was a well run course and enjoyed learning new aspects of fighting with the carbine. MY son has had some previous training and his skill greatly improved because of this course. TDSA has continuously provided quality training and I will continue to seek my training there. Billy did an excellent job teaching this course to a broad variety of skill levels and experience. It is great to train with like minded shooters who were there to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Be prepaired to have a great time and work hard. But also, laugh a lot and enjoy the trip.
Alessa O'Dunadhaigh

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Combat Carbine May 7-8, 2022
Bottom line up front? My review of this class will probably only be for the ladies (so fellas- if you've always wanted your wife, mom, sister, daughter, niece, girlfriend to train beside you on a rifle: ask your ladies to read this and see if they might feel the same way as me!).
I've always been intimidated by rifles. They're bigger and heavier than handguns and even though I had an AR-15 built and I loved how easy it felt to shoot, I was still extremely uncomfortable handling it. It seemed to take so much upper body strength to aim it- let alone change mags. I persevered with training on it though because I heard so much about it being the preferred home defense weapon. As a woman who lives alone, home defense is my biggest concern. I'm already at a physical disadvantage against men and I need every advantage I can get.
That brings me to this class. By no means am I anywhere near proficient or polished now but I am comfortable and in love with it. Billy and Marshall taught me how to hold it with my body when loading it so not all the weight is on my arm, how to hold it in low ready, high ready, and contact ready, how to clear a jam, how to work that selector switch (that's the safety), how to put it into half loads, how to operate it from my left AND right hand, how to shoot from my knees or back, how to get back up safely, how to shoot on the move, and how to transition back to my handgun if I have a failure with my rifle. I'm in love with my rifle now and I feel SAFE using it. DSA instructors teach in such a way that you never feel dumb for asking questions and they have eternal patience. Please don't be dependent on someone else to protect you, ladies, and give yourself every advantage you can. DSA offers gift certificates, ladies only group classes, private lessons, you name it.

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