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Teena Harvell-Tooman

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

I am 48 yrs old and I am from Tulsa, OK. I have taken this class four times with the last being 04/27/19. I did not grow up around guns and took an interest in them in my 20's when I obtained my conceal carry. I had very little knowledge and experience with guns when I first took Marshall's class. It had been almost two years since my last class with Marshall. When you tell people you have taken the same two day class four times they look at you like your crazy, but the key words being TWO DAY class. There are TWO full days of knowledge to take in an absorb. The class ranges from beginner shooters to advanced shooters and no matter what your shooting skill set everyone in the class improves at their OWN pace. We know this based upon a pre and post test shooting drill that is done in each class. I don't know of any other institution that offers that in their curriculum. My time improved 41% in the post test drill. I just cannot say enough about the folks at TDSA. Their success depends upon your success. They are invested in you from the moment you arrive. It is essentially two days of private shooting lessons. Some things clicked in the first class and some things didn't click until the fourth class, i.e., my grip. Gripping the gun finally clicked this time. That is why it is essential that you continue to hone your skills take this class every a year to sharpen your skills. If you are going to own a gun or conceal carry this class is a must. Their skill set and knowledge base of shooting is bar none. They will help you be the best shooter you can be. Ladies do not be afraid to take this class it will change your life and it will change how you carry your gun. Shooting is a perishable skill and you are only as good as the training you receive.

I am forever grateful for what I have learned. I will be back for a fifth time. Thank you Marshall, Kai and Billy for the laughs and making me feel like family. I will see you again soon.
Greg D

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

I am a repeat customer of TDSA and have taken five of their classes. I previously tried training with other firearm instructors and since my first class I exclusively train with TDSA. The classes are fun, light-hearted, and I always feel safe. The instructors are patient, knowledgeable, and very vigilant.

I retook Advanced Combat Pistol I April 27th and 28th. I learned a tremendous amount both times I took the course. I am looking forward to taking more classes and would strongly recommended TDSA. I would have never have been able to obtain the knowledge and skills I have now without their training.

I have never been in law enforcement or the military. I have a concealed carry license, I take these classes to be able to defend my family as a last resort option I pray I never have to use. I also like to shoot recreational. Due to my classes at TDSA, at the range I am perceived as safe and I know how to handle a firearm.
Edwin H.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Advanced Combat Pistol Level 1
I am a civilian working in the engineering field of the Oil & Gas Industry.
I compete in IDPA a little on the local level.
I am in the double digits now for ACP 1 having been through this class over 10 times. I have also done 4 day Patrol/Urban Tactical Rifle at least twice, Combat Carbine and Combat Shotgun several times.
Through all of this experience over the past 11 years I have never once felt unsafe or placed in a dangerous, compromised situation. Not one time.
I've never been disqualified at a match for a safety violation because of what I've learned from these guys about trigger and muzzle discipline.
They still have to get on me sometimes and I'm glad and all the better for it.
I keep coming back because I get better every time I take a class. I need objective critique and constructive criticism. Someone who cares enough to tell me Iím screwing up and it needs to be someone Iím not related to. Someone that doesnít live with me.
I can prove my equipment works and if it doesn't I know why and can change it to what does.
I shoot a pistol right handed, I've been through the course left handed.
Itís helped me transition from Glocks to 1911's for competition. (I still carry a Glock daily and still shoot both platforms regularly, both go to the range and both get trigger time)
I have known Marshall since my first ACP 1 in 2008, he's a great person as well as instructor. He's consistent, doesn't change from one setting to the next. He continues to train and take classes, continues to improve.
I have watched Kai grow from intern into a fully credentialed instructor, continually improving. He sees small things and has tweaked some of my more subtle bad habits.
This was the first time I have had the privilege to train with Billy and he is an outstanding instructor. Extremely polished and professional.
One last thing. TDSA has trained just about every adult member of my family through taking this pistol class themselves at least once. I trust them with my life and my familyís life.
Mark Wheeler

Monday, April 29, 2019

This was my third trip toTDSA and it was everything that I have come to expect from Marshall and his crew. They are top notch instructors that pushed me out of my comfort zone to get the best from me. Iíve been to Gunsite and Tiger Valley in Waco and those guys are decades behind the professionals at TDSA. I live in Texas but I donít mind the five hour drive to Tulsa to train with the best. I salute you Marshal, Billy, and Kai. Yíall made this Texas boy feel right at home.

Monday, April 29, 2019

I have attended many TDSA classes and I have yet to be disappointed. The curriculum is constantly evolving and is modern, relevant to today's standards and extremely easy to grasp. This should be required training before you get a CCW permit.

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